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Empowering and educating YOUR community! 

Breaking Stalking offers tailored services to suit your needs.

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Community Presentations

Breaking Stalking offers awareness and education presentations to universities, high schools, service agencies, businesses, non-for profits, and community organizations.


Presentation options include an introductory 1-1.5 hour general information session, or a more in depth, 2-3 hour workshop.  


Breaking Stalking would be happy to provide more details on each option and determine which presentation would best suit your audience.   

Events and Conferences

Breaking Stalking offers special inspirational speeches tailored to fit your event and audience.  


This is a motivating, captivating, and moving narrative of a woman who went from victim to thriver to advocate to business owner! 


Audiences are taken on a journey consisting of Stefania's personal stalking survivor story, her healing path, and her business launch, combined with sprinklings of stalking awareness information and personal insights.


It is sure to leave audiences energized, uplifted,

and empowered to continue to achieve their goals through hardships and life interruptions.

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