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If you feel you're in immediate danger or fear being harmed, always call 911.

At this time Breaking Stalking offers educational presentations and workshops on how to recognize and respond to stalking for schools, businesses, and other community organizations. 

If you think you are being stalked and are seeking further assistance, consider reaching out to your local domestic violence shelter, crime victim service provider, or family justice center.

Even if your stalking situation is unrelated to domestic violence, sexual assault, or an intimate relationship, you may still seek help at these organizations and often times they are the best point of contact locally.

Please see below for local and national resources. 

Central New York Support

If you're in need of intervention services or

'just need someone to talk to' reach out to:

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Call 315-251-0600 

for 24-hour:
-telephone counseling 
-suicide prevention
-crisis counseling 

Call 211 

for information on:
-health and human services

-shelters, food banks and much more

Call 988 

-suicide lifeline

-crisis lifeline

-veteran crisis line

-lifeline options for deaf and hard of hearing

National Support Helplines (USA only)

Documentation Applications

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Anti-Stalking Advocacy Organizations

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