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Meet Breaking Stalking


Leading communities nationwide

to combat stalking crimes by:

  •  Raising awareness

  •  Providing education, support, and resources

  •  Empowering action-taking and proactive mindsets


Envisioning a world where:

  • Stalking is always taken seriously

  • All people know how to identify and respond to stalking 

  • Victim resources and support are widespread and easily accessible


Reducing the impact of stalking by turning:

  • Fear into strength

  • Uncertainty into decisiveness

  • Victims into victors

  • Survivors into thrivers



  • Empowerment

  • Consent

  • Freedom

Meet the Founder

Stefania Ianno is the founder of Breaking Stalking, a trained marriage and family therapist, and a survivor of stalking.  Her passion to educate communities on stalking awareness and prevention grew from her own personal experience, and recognizing that there is a lack of knowledge, research, and victim resources surrounding the crime of stalking.  Stefania believes this needs to change, especially after hearing too many stories similar to hers, but ended with the loss of life.  This is the main motivator for Stefania - raising awareness and teaching others how to recognize stalking and intervene at an early stage can potentially prevent additional crimes from occurring. 

Stefania's lifelong desire is to develop a career focused on helping others to improve their quality of life and empower themselves.  Stefania now shares her experiences, provides this education nation-wide, and motivates others to take their lives into their own hands.  Breaking Stalking is located in Upstate New York.  

Vinatge Care - Eric Payne Photography.jpg

Stefania enjoys traveling, singing, stage managing, feeding squirrels,

and partaking in the occasional retro photo shoot. 

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